BALEFuLLiES live@Marla at Marla, Perugia

Martedi 23 Ottobre MARLA
■ ■ ■ BALEFULLiES ■ ■ ■
■ dalle 20 alle 22 l’HAPPY HOUR
■ alle 22 in punto SuperMega Live STARTS

■ ■ ■ BALEFULLiES ■ ■ ■
is an italian band based in Perugia that makes unreleased music, such as Rock, Garage and Folk, with a bit of nostalgia in their veins.

Sul palco marliano:
■ Alessia Antonelli – Bass, Vocal
■ Carlo Fastelli – Guitar
■ Francesco Bellucci – Guitar, Vocal
■ Diego Mariani – Drum

■ ■ ■ BALEFULLiES ■ ■ ■
mix a kind of raw sound, sharp riffs from the 70’s, and other songs more articulated and dissonant, as the personalities of its members.
Ready to work, they were hosted by the Urban RECORDS where they recorded a bunch of songs for their first EP.
Feeling good is the first song extracted from Ep, it is based on a gritty riff that recalls Led Zeppelin.
Charlie’s song is the second song and the name they give to all the songs of Carlo (guitarist), “Everytime I see you” is a folk / garage song, cheerful and carefree and prepare the atmosphere for the song “My Pocket” to make you shake hands and pants. The atmosphere changes again with the post-grunge song “Love Will Flow”
“Be there” it is the most melodic song of the band, and the one that best expresses the concept of “Balefullies”

♥♥A new recording will be released soon!♥♥

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