Dalla Russia iVATU live@Marla at Marlavia Bartolo, 11, 06122 Perugia, Italy

Giovedi MARLA dalla Russia
■ ■ ■ iVATU ■ ■ ■
■ dalle 20 alle 22 l’HAPPY HOUR
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Sul palco marliano
■ Members Eava
■ Anton Fish
■ Pavel Nikolskiy

■ ■ ■ iVATU ■ ■ ■
IVATU – is a band from Moscow was founded by multi-instrumentalist Anton, poetess Eava and a
producer Pavel in 2016 with debut EP «Revel» which has a taste of late Portishead, early Massive
Attack and Cocteau twins aesthetics.
Their music is noted for it’s trip-hop, darkwave and psychedelic influences. It’s melodic, dark,
mystical, cold with specific poetic lyrics and desperate and tender vocals.
IVATU uses rare vintage gear and likes to avoid modern digital sound and computers. As a result
their sound is rich and potent which has a strong emotional impact.

■ ■ ■ Festivals

Tallinn Music Week (EE)
Whoneedslyrics Festival (SK)
Russian Trip-Hop Festival (RU)
Soundscape Festival (RU)
Berlin Music Video Awards (DE)
Sofar Sounds
Open acts for:
Underground Youth (UK)
Zoe Zanias (DE)
Northwest (UK)

■ ■ ■ Quotes

«Pumped over, and at the same time rather transparent sound proceeding from lots of analog
synths in combination with gloomy and very sensitive vocal of Eava gives unforgettable effect, a
certain mix of Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins with minimal-techno impregnations turns out.»
– IceCreamDisco
«IVATU create gloomy, melodious and fascinating music suspense with a sensual female vocal.»
«IVATU passionately knead a psychedelia and a trip-hop.»
– Classic Rock Magazine
«The vocals remind of somewhat of Bjork (but somehow more powerful), and the instrumentation
builds up tension wonderfully, with a string ensemble mixing well with the piano arpeggio that
seems to be the main theme to the track.»
– Yorkcalling (UK)

«Running amuck, trying the best it can, the senses evaluate. Recognizing the invalidity in self-
adherence to the laws of hope, he walked on. Through the plains of green and blades, sweeping

his hands through the rapturous vines of lust and vulgarity. «Strada» is a mysterious and haunting
amalgamation of sounds and innuendoes, depicted by the sights and sounds of Eava’s vocals. The
edges of the sea is nearby, don’t get too close.
The single is a trip, and you should try for a spell.»
– Сomeherefloyd (UK)

«Eava Tuevskaya’s vocals have the range, tonal eclecticism and poetic leanings of Bjork, but
combine that with softer, richer moments – ones almost operatic in timbre.»
– Analoguetrash (UK)

«With “I’m Her” the Russian trio IVATU manages to seamlessly blend darkwave, trip-hop, and
poetry into a song that slowly gains strength, always keeping the attention on the vocals. The
music is low-key and delicate until about two minutes and a half into the track, where it starts to
gain a little more energy. The best way to describe the entire track is cold. Very cold. As in An
expanse of snow and ice, beautiful, but it can K*ll you»
– TooMuchLovMagazine (US)

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